Ucluelet Co-op Supports Local Farmers

August 3, 2016
Ucluelet Co-op Supports Local Farmers

Ucluelet Co-op Supports Local Berry Producers

As part of our “Support Local Shop Local Program” a team from Ucluelet Co-op visited the Maddo Blueberry Farm located about 4 minutes west of Port Alberni on Shipcreek Road off of the Bamfield mainline. You will see the signs on the right hand side, you can’t miss it.  The farm is about 32 years old and operates on 4 acers of prime farm land, uses no sprays and is as close too organic as it comes. The Ucluelet Co-op has been buying from the farm for many years and was ecstatic that we finally had a chance to see the farm in person. Your Ucluelet Co-op will continue to seek out local producers so we can offer the best for our customers. Thank you for your continued support this summer and thank you for shopping local.